Original Intention

1971 First formed.

Back in 1971, Hong Kong, the hardware mold industry started in its infancy. There were no computers, only paper and pens. Mr. Ho Cheuk-Fai, the father of Kalos Blocks, relied on simple paper and pen to design technical drawings accurate to the millimeter, and built the first set with difficulty by pure hand. Flower-shaped nail head mold, and finally developed the world's first plum blossom nail head building block.

Fully hand-made molds and original flower-shaped nail head designs. Inspiration only comes in a moment, but realizing it requires too much sweat and persistence. The first flower-shaped nail head building blocks already had the then-advanced 45-degree twill and 3-point contact with the inner bone. It used original technical means to ensure that tolerances caused by process constraints would not affect the actual building and construction and featured a unique aesthetic. Orientation caused enough shock in the toy market at that time. Due to the limitations of the times, large-scale mass production has become a luxury. Due to financial constraints and lack of talent, the flower-shaped nail head building blocks are like a piece of jade, waiting for its second bloom in the sand of time.




2020 Restart

In 2020, Made in China and China's "intelligent" manufacturing in the new era have already become the first business card of China's rejuvenation. With the dual blessing of technology and funds, the world's only flower-shaped nail head building blocks finally waited for the moment of their uncut treasure. After the second birth, Kalos Blocks became the name of flower-shaped nail head toys in the new era.

New era, new technology, new ideas, more sophisticated modeling and molding technology, more optimized plastic injection molding process, smarter automated production lines, more environmentally friendly production and recycling standards, supplemented by the widespread application of high-tech intelligent robots Production ensures an all-round upgrade of the appearance and interior of each building block. The inner bones of the building blocks have been changed to a unique cross-shaped structure, which greatly improves the building experience. The flower-shaped nail heads have been strengthened, making the exclusive features of Kalos Blocks more eye-catching.

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