Kalos Blocks Chairman - Mr. Ho Cheuk-Fai

Mr. Ho Cheuk-Fai learned mold and plastic techniques from a master at the age of 12. In the 1960s, he entered the business world alone at the age of 16 and started his first business. From craftsman to master, half a century of trials and hardships have not changed the craftsmanship he has always upheld. Today, Mr. Ho's businesses are involved in manufacturing, hotels, services, culture, parks, education, parent-child, and other fields. Everything stems from Mr. Ho's craftsmanship.

The group company highlights the value of scale, and the entire industry chain helps and supports each other, and has broad room for development. Mr. Ho Cheuk-Fai firmly controls the direction of this corporate aircraft carrier. But in his heart, Mr. Ho Cheuk Fai has always been the childlike entrepreneurial boy with the courage to combine talents. The creation of the flower-shaped art building blocks in 1971 was the childlike innocence that Mr. Ho Cheuk-Fai has always clung to. The baptism of time has brought about the improvement of craftsmanship, while art and creativity have always been the inherited genes. The immortal innocence will always remain deep in the heart. In 2020, Kalos Blocks flower-shaped art building blocks were born again for the sake of innocence.

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