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Kalos Blocks is an organization full of enthusiasm for happiness, creativity, and art. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production, and marketing services. It is China's original building block brand, whose design creativity originated in the 1970s, and its unique floral nail head makes it unique in art. 

Kalos Blocks is committed to creating excellent building block products, as well as the ultimate building experience, and shaping a different building block culture. 

"Artisan's heart creates joy", Kalos Blocks seeks new breakthroughs between the presentation of art and the experience of piecing together, seeks a new balance between traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion trends, and creates classics in the spirit of craftsmanship and innovation, so that Kalos Blocks’ floral art blocks glow with brilliance in the new era.

Our Team

Focused Design

We will use infinite creativity and design concepts to give Jiale professional products an almost perfect user experience

Professional "manufacturing"

To produce and manufacture with high-precision equipment and high standards, ensuring excellent product quality

Marketing Management

Whether serving ordinary consumers or businesses, a detailed introduction to Jiale's specialized products and services remains unchanged in terms of creativity and market value

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Welcome to join us and create a business together with you

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